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This optical illusion poses one of the most simple questions that you are ever going to be asked. How many dolphins do you see when you look at this picture?

Thanks to the optical illusion that you are about to see, you will finally have the chance to give your IQ a test. According to the advance warnings that we have been given, only the smartest will survive.

Photo: TikTok/@viral.memes.of.tiktok

Whether you have a high IQ or not, your results will be determined by the number of dolphins that you can see. If we are being honest, you are going to need to take more than just a quick glance at this photo in order to solve the illusion.

When we glanced quickly, we only saw nine dolphins and knew that we could not be right about this. As we began to take a closer look, more and more dolphins started to reveal themselves.

Photo: TikTok/@viral.memes.of.tiktok

If you are looking to take in this optical illusion without having it spoiled for you ahead of time, please be forewarned. There are major spoilers ahead!

Once you take a closer look, you are going to realize something that should have seemed obvious from the get-go. There are some dolphins that are stacked on top of one another. You will eventually notice that there are a number of tails and fins that are stuck together. This lets you know that there are additional dolphins hiding in the mix.

Photo: Max Pixel

One last hint before we leave our readers to their own devices. Many of these dolphins are of different shapes and sizes. Bear that in mind before you make the mistake of assuming that there are only nine dolphins and going about the rest of your day.

It is an error that has been made all too often, trust us on that.


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If you loved this illusion as much as we did, you are definitely going to want to test out your friends and loved ones. Are they going to be able to solve it as easily as some have? There is only one way to tell, right?

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