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Missing socks are a common problem, and they often leave us with just one lone sock. Usually, this is quite annoying, but we can actually turn these socks into adorable sock bunnies!

Handimania is a YouTuber who released a DIY sock bunny tutorial and it’s perfect for an easter craft with the kids, or to make in advance as a gift.

Photo: YouTube/Handimania

The best part is that it’s so easy to make and there’s no sewing machine required! It’s a suitable craft for even the most beginner crafter.

Each bunny requires one mid-calf length sock to make. You’ll also need rice or grit for the stuffing, along with some tape (duct tape or packing tape works best). The tape is actually used to hold the sock open, not to hold the craft together!

In addition to those base items, you’ll also need some scissors, twine, a ribbon, and a marker to complete the project.

Photo: YouTube/Handimania

To begin, take the roll of tape and start looping the sock through it. Fold the edge of the sock over the tape and fill the open sock with rice (or grit).

No tape? Pour the rice into the sock as carefully as possible. The sock only needs to be filled halfway and you will still need to be able to pinch the heel.

Squeeze the part of the sock that is filled with rice and the part that is not filled. If you have handled it properly up until now, the sock should look much like a snowman. Use the twine to tie up both areas as tightly as possible.

Photo: YouTube/Handimania

You are almost done now! If you would like to find out more about how to finish this project, be sure to check out the tutorial video below.

Happy crafting!