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We have learned a lot of lessons thanks to the coronavirus. Perhaps one of the biggest lessons that any parent has learned is that children should always have a box filled with things to do at their disposal. During the first couple of weeks of lockdown, I think that we all did okay. After all, we were living the dream at the time. Now that we have been inside for a few weeks, we realize that kids need something to constantly keep themselves entertained.

Photo: Youtube / Screenshot

A very easy video tutorial was shared on how you can make sidewalk chalk with only two ingredients. You can even purchase them online or from any craft store if you don’t have them. More than likely, however, any kid’s craft kit is going to have those ingredients readily available. You will need Plaster of Paris and tempera paint. You will need some water as well and some flexible, rubber ice cube trays.

Photo: Youtube / Screenshot

Add the Plaster of Paris into a cup and add some water until it is a thick liquid. You can then color the liquid with some tempera paint. Pour the final solution into the ice cube trays and smooth the tops with a knife.

Photo: Youtube / Screenshot

The solution should sit overnight until the morning. Push the cubes out of the ice cube tray and you will have homemade chalk at your disposal. It’s super simple and the kids will love it!

Watch it for yourself in this video:

Just so you know, it is unwise to pour any leftover down the drain because it will harden in the pipe and could cause a blockage. Throw any leftover into the garbage or better yet, just make a big block out of it.

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