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Bored and want something to do? Why not get yourself a cool new DIY project? On Reddit, there is the perfect DIY table project inspiration, posted by Dan Amantea.

The Redditor is also a woodworker, and he shared his own project which was a maple dining table created with a hidden compartment below removable wood panels.

But where did Amantea get his inspiration for a secret compartment? It was born out of a certain necessity. As the Canadian from Alberta explained in his post, “Made a table to allow us to puzzle without cats stealing pieces while we are away.”

Photo: Reddit/damantea

That is actually quite clever. Of course, making one just like his might be a little difficult for someone who is a novice when it comes to woodworking. You could buy one from Amantea directly, but you’d need to live close to Calgary where he’s based, and have roughly $1,514 to spare.

Photo: YouTube/
The Wood Whisperer

But not to worry if you don’t, because Amantea’s posted his own, simpler version for a coffee table! He created it to make with a classroom of kids, so it’s more beginner-friendly and quicker.

Photo: YouTube/
The Wood Whisperer

Check out the video below:

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