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Furniture can be expensive. We never appreciate the furniture that we have until it is time to pick up some new stuff. Of course, if we could get multiple uses out of one piece of furniture, that’s a total win!

And that’s just what this desk allows. The beautiful white desk that you are about to see is gorgeous on its own. But when the video opens, you are going to be spellbound. We love a piece of furniture that is classy AND functional.

This desk is great for work and it is an excellent way to provide yourself with a window seat in the kitchen. Since many of us are currently working from home (and will be for the foreseeable future), this is a crucial piece of furniture to own.

Photo: YouTube / Ana White

It may look like a simple desk but it can be transformed into far more than that. If you need a desk or a breakfast bar? You are all set. From there, the desk even turns into a table! It’s the perfect addition for anyone who is living in a smaller home or apartment. Furniture that allows us to maximize the space that we have on hand is an absolute must-have.

Would you like to find out more about how this amazing desk was made? The video below will provide you with all of the information that you need. Many homes have smaller kitchens that make it tougher to add too much furniture and this is an all too common problem.

The folding hinge that is hiding in the corner is the secret to this desk’s success. Whether you need the desk to stay in one piece and rest against the wall or you need to form a larger dining room table, this piece is absolutely perfect. Check it out!