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With Halloween approaching quickly, it is fair to start wondering about the proper decor. It is time to get into the spirit and decorations are the best way to go about that task.

Artist Brandon Hardy is here to help out with these concerns. As someone who designs costumes, puppets, and scenery, he’s one of the best people to ask about such things. He’s a true professional, in every sense of the word.

Photo: flickr/Jennifer C.

He’s incredible when it comes to the more elaborate decorations that the world has to offer. In fact, he is now providing us with an easy tutorial that will allow you to take your Halloween heck raising to a whole new level.

These haunting, ethereal ghosts can be made out of material that is easily obtainable for any would-be decorator.

Once passersby catch a glimpse of these chilling ghosts, they are going to be jumping like crazy. We just hope that they are able to keep their wits about them.

Photo: TikTok/brandon.hardy.art

You aren’t even going to need all that much when you are ready to get started. The prospect of creating your own ghosts out of chicken wire might be a daunting one on paper but Hardy has you covered.

As long as you have the chicken wire that you need, some protective eyewear, and the necessary wire cutters, you are good to go.

Depending on your personal hobbies, these are all items that some of our readers will already have on hand. If you need to run to the store, do not worry. Brandon’s helpful tutorial will be right here waiting for you.

Photo: TikTok/brandon.hardy.art

The steps are easy enough to follow. We have already taken a closer look at this tutorial and we are beyond impressed by how simple it is. You’ll definitely want to watch the tutorial in full before attempting it on your own.

“The light that I’m using is a moving fire-and-ice light,” Hardy shares in the helpful tutorial clip. “The moving light makes them look super spooky and ethereal. I’m lighting them from the side, not the front or behind. I find that’s the most dramatic look.”

Be sure to check it out for yourself below:


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