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If you spend any time on social media at all, there is always a ton of debate about acceptable first dates.

Some believe in good old-fashioned wining and dining, others would rather chart their own course. That’s exactly what this couple decided to do recently. They matched on Hinge and they chose a first date venue that was a bit outside of the usual norms.

Photo: TikTok/@paigedunigan_

Paige (who goes by @paigedunigan_ on the app) is here to share her story. She is detailing all of the events that took place before she and her Hinge match decided to go on their first date at Disneyland.

“Best first date ever??” her caption reads and we are inclined to agree. The magic of Disneyland is sure to add to the awesomeness of any first-date setting.

Photo: TikTok/@paigedunigan_

When the TikTok begins, Paige is showing us the text message exchange between her and the man in question. “I’m kind of over the ‘let’s get drinks’ dates, tbh,” he said initially. Paige had the perfect retort. “Ok, instead of doing ‘let’s get drinks,’ let’s skip to the real test and see if you can last a day at Disneyland with me,” she wrote back. “What are you doing Sunday?”

“Going to Disneyland with you…” he said and we are willing to bet he was grinning as he typed. From there, the video turns into a montage of all the fun times that they shared together on their magical first date. They were running around the park enjoying all sorts of attractions and living it up like they were kids again.

Photo: TikTok/@paigedunigan_

It’s called “The Happiest Place on Earth” for a reason. In fact, they even managed to find a moment to grab some drinks in the midst of all their merriment. Their fellow TikTok users found their first date to be a great one and we are beyond happy for them. Hopefully, this is the start of an amazing partnership that lasts over the long haul.

Paige, to her credit, has been providing regular updates since the first date. As it turns out, they have been on a second date and a third. There is a fourth planned, as well, so things seem to be going swimmingly thus far.