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If you happen to be a Starbucks fan, then you already know the good feeling you get when you see one appear as you are driving along. The same also goes for those who enjoy a cup of java when visiting Disney.

Of course, the combination of Disney and Starbucks is sure to get people talking, because there is a huge following for both. They just can’t seem to say enough about their favorite place, or favorite drink.

Photo: flickr/HarshLight

Disney fans have shown just how far they are willing to take their love of all things Mickey recently by posting their favorite “secrets” about the park. It has been happening on TikTok and some of the revelations have been amazing.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most recent secrets shared was by a TikTok user named Max Kennedy. Although it may not have been meant to be a secret, it was something that took even seasoned Disney fans by surprise.

Disney and Starbucks go hand-in-hand and you can get your favorite coffee beverage at almost all of the theme parks and Disney attractions.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The secret is, you won’t see the word “Starbucks” at many of those locations. Each individual Starbucks is named according to the theme of the area where it is located.


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The Starbucks location in the Magic Kingdom is called “Main Street Bakery” and at the Animal Kingdom, it is “Creature Comforts”. Each of the locations still offers Starbucks beverages but they also theme some of the offerings so it fits in with the park.

Photo: flickr/Inside the Magic

It’s just one more way that these two brands are doing their part to make your world a little better.

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