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If you have never seen a house that looks like you could blow it over with a deep breath, this is your chance to change that for good.

This is your chance to check out a “skinny house.” Yes, it is a real thing that exists, trust us on that. It’s got two bedrooms, and three bathrooms and is known as the “pie house.” House shoppers in Deerfield, Illinois may have seen the structure for themselves.

Photo: Zillow

While some may be perplexed by the home’s existence, it was placed on the market for just under $270,000 and sold for nearly $300,000. Of course, this is actually a bargain if you know anything about how the suburban Chicago market works. On the other hand, this buyer had to be very open-minded because the home happens to be very narrow.

@kobbbsalad is the TikTok user who is sharing the home with us and you won’t be able to stop checking your eyesight. This home really is that skinny. The home seems normal enough until you take a moment to check it out from the side.

Photo: Zillow

The fact that they are marketing this residence to first-time homeowners makes all of the sense in the world to us.

The length and height of the home are normal. It is the width that is essentially nonexistent. The unusual proportions had everyone perplexed, as some viewers compared the home to a hallway. Shockingly, the home is far more spacious than you would expect once you take a moment to check out the inside – though some parts are as narrow as 3-ft wide.

Photo: Zillow

It’s like the old saying goes, you cannot judge books by their cover. At least we can rest easy, knowing that these people can fit more than just a card table inside of their homes.

Check out the TikTok below:


SKINNY HOUSE SKINNY HOUSE SKINNY HOUSE #fyp #100gecs #geccing #skinny #skinnyhouse #architecture

♬ I Need Help Immediately – 100 gecs & Laura Les & Dylan Brady

Sometimes, it is nice to have a home that stands out from all of the rest in your neighborhood. These residents are certainly not going to struggle in that regard.

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