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There are plenty of things we may enjoy in life, but cake tends to make life worth living. Anytime we have the opportunity to enjoy cake, we take that opportunity and run with it.

Dairy Queen understands that very well, and they are known for their ice cream cakes. It’s the combination of cake and ice cream that really makes a popular treat for any occasion.

Photo: Flickr/Mike Mozart License: CC BY 2.0

These days, it’s not only the large-size cakes that are available, but they are making Dairy Queen cupcakes for individuals. As shared on Facebook, the cupcakes are available at the stores in Ohio and sell for $3.29.

People who have had an opportunity to try the cupcakes are calling them a decadent indulgence made for one. I agree, as it is a beautiful thing to consider.

Fortunately, this treat is available to the public. You can order it at the counter or the drive-through. All you have to do is ask for a cupcake. You will get your little treat decorated for whatever season it is.

In order to make the cupcake special, DQ will alter the color and sprinkles. You may just get a different cupcake the next time you stop in! Check out this beauty shared by the Dairy Queen in Warren, Ohio:

In the center are some crunchies, which will surely bring a smile to your face. They are surrounded by vanilla ice cream and some chocolate soft serve may just be included in the mix. They will then drizzle it with fudge.

Each Dairy Queen franchise owner will have to decide if they will include the cupcakes on the menu. It may just be coming to your local area, but one thing is sure, it is well worth traveling for.