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There are some who may believe that TikTok is only for viral dance crazes or prank videos. While these clips can be a lot of fun, there is more to TikTok than the usual tomfoolery. TikTok changes our lives by pointing out all sorts of details that we had missed out on over the years. And not even Dads are safe. In fact, they are the butt of the joke this time around, but not to worry! It’s all good-natured.

People have come to a very important realization that they are not scared to share with the world. Dads everywhere do not eat their snack nuts in the same manner as the rest of us. Instead, they are more apt to shake them around in their hands first. It probably will not surprise you to learn that these dads are now being made fun of on TikTok. Good thing they have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

How could anyone possibly be upset about these clips? This is the sort of fun teasing that needs to take place between parents and children more often. Without clips like these, we never would have realized how awesome our dads truly are.


And that’s on cashews 😔👊🏻 #dad #neverfitin #natureathome

♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

The videos are especially hilarious because many of the dads do not seem to even know that they are being filmed. Other dads caught on to what was going on and decided to defend their actions. While all of the videos are funny enough on their own, the cumulative effect of a binge-watch cannot be overstated. Our sides are still hurting!


why do all white dads eat almonds like this

♬ original sound – madisonpgray9

One dad even claimed that he shakes the nuts so that they are more condensed before he takes a bite. We are still cackling at the dad who claimed that he shakes his snacks so that the flavor can be woken up. It’s classic dad logic and we cannot get enough. The gambling jokes were flying around left and right, too.

We have so many questions for these dads. Was this activity passed down to them by their fathers or did they come up with it on their own? Does shaking up the snacks really wake up the flavor? These are the questions that need answering. Calling all dads! We need you to weigh in on this one.

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