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As a woman with long hair, I am constantly having to stay on top of keeping the shower drain clear so my hair doesn’t build up and clog it.

I finally learned my lesson: It’s better to just clean your hair up when you’re finished showering than to let it accumulate. Fishing out a wad of hair from a drain is not something I ever want to do again.

Photo: TikTok/@shawnweiss8

We’ve probably all clogged a drain at one point with our hair. I know I have, and pulling it out was so icky. But I think it’s safe to say that none of us have ever pulled hair out of a drain like what one dad had to do.

In fact, Shawn Weiss went on TikTok to document the experience, sharing, “my daughter said her tub was draining slowly so I decided to check it out.”

Photo: TikTok/@shawnweiss8

Then, he proceeds to shock viewers with what he pulled out! It was the single largest hairball anyone has probably ever seen. In fact, one person joked, “That’s a whole wig!”

Many others commented that it resembled a small animal. Another person asked if the hair was “alive,” while a different commentator asked Shawn if they had a name in mind, to which Shawn replied, “Hairy Styles.”

Someone else even shared, “never seen a drain that bad !! and I clean houses.” Another said, “That’s the girl from the ring down there… you don’t wanna be helping her escape.”

Photo: TikTok/@shawnweiss8

Besides being shocked by the sheer volume of hair that got pulled out, there were many viewers who were horrified by the video simply because Shawn wasn’t wearing any gloves when he freed the hairball.

Shawn responded, admitting, “I REALLY do need to have my brain examined after grabbing that crap with my bare hand! 2hrs in 6 cans of tomato juice to get the stink off my hand!”

Check it out:

@shawnweiss8 I cant believe she let it get this bad!!! #fyp #hair #drain #draincleaning #nasty #daughter #dadthings

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

How badly has your hair ever clogged the drain? Have you ever pulled out a hairball like this? Let us know!

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