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We are all dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in the best way that we possibly can. Some of the changes are affecting our lives in ways that we could have never expected, including wearing face coverings. Cloth coverings have become the “new normal” and we are starting to purchase them so that they match our personality.

There are many people who are quickly growing tired of wearing boring facemasks. Perhaps you miss seeing the face of others and you wish that people could see yours. That is where Danielle Baskin comes in. She is a designer from San Francisco who has a solution, known as Maskalike. It is a company that will print your own face onto cloth coverings and they are more realistic than you can imagine.

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Hi, everyone! Wanted to show you more of our masks. 👄👃🏼👃🏾👃🏿😷 A little bit more about me—I started this project back in February, and kept trying to iterate and improve them! We’re just finalizing production details, so go ahead and join the waitlist at maskalike.com if you’d like to order one and we’ll email you when we’re accepting orders. ☺️ #maskalike #selfiemasks

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Basket is responsible for all sorts of “trendy dystopian items.” This includes some N95 respiratory masks that work along with facial recognition software. She also works with QuarantinedChat, a phone service that is encrypted to allow people to speak with each other while in quarantine safely.

It is her latest line of machine-washable cotton facemasks that are really turning heads. They are custom ordered and feature an image of your choosing, including a picture of your face. “We’re a service that prints images onto protective face masks. Whether it’s a replication of your own face or your favorite meme, we care about the details,” says Baskin. “Our masks are sure to make people around you do double-takes and have a brighter day.”

You can also purchase a pre-printed mask from Baskin that includes the “Hide the Pain Harold” meme. “Your favorite meme on a protective face mask,” she says. “Look permanently uncomfortable while trying to be happy and bring Harold’s energy wherever you go.” It is sold out at the current time but you can always check the website for when they return.

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Wearing my second face. #maskalike #selfiemask

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If you’d like to an idea of how this would look, you can check out her own facemask. It actually looks like she is peeling her face off when she removes it!

You might even enjoy this “Getty images” facemask, so you have a copyrighted face.

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