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4. Wisconsin Inmates Indulge in Real Butter

Officials in the state of Wisconsin must serve real butter to school students, patients at health care facilities and prison inmates at state institutions. That butter lobby in Wisconsin must be powerful!

5. Tennessee Tames Fish Wranglers

People fishing in Tennessee cannot catch fish with a lasso.

6. Sleepy Cheese Factories in Memphis

No one can live or sleep in places where people prepare or sell food in Memphis, Tennessee, and the specific list on the books singles out cheese factories. This also means you can’t sleep in a restaurant, bakery, creamery or grocery store since those places handle food.

7. Louisiana’s Lousy Prank Calls

Louisiana bans prank calls making large food orders or fake pizza delivery orders. Where’s the fun in that?

8. Gainesville, Georgia: Fried Chicken Paradise

Residents of Gainesville, Georgia take their fried chicken so seriously, a law passed in 1961 forbids eating the Southern delicacy with anything other than your bare hands. Local police jokingly arrested a 91-year-old lady in 2009 for using a fork, but city officials were on hand to pardon her and pronounced her the “Honorary Georgia Poultry Princess.” Make your own delicious fried chicken with this recipe.

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