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Many Americans take their food very seriously, as evidenced by the millions of online food reviews, huge backyard grilling areas or collections of the kitchen gadgets. However, a few places in the United States go to extreme measures to ensure citizens eat food according to certain standards. Have fun reading about these eight weird food laws actually on the books in the United States.

1. Macon, Ohio’s Pastry Problem

People cannot eat doughnuts while walking backward in Macon, Ohio. That means no moonwalking while chomping on your blueberry cake delight.

2. Boston’s Peanut Prohibition

You cannot eat peanuts in church, in Boston. That law might remind citizens of the Puritan days of the 1600s.

3. Beach Grove, Indiana’s Watermelon Wasteland

If you pack a summer picnic in Beach Grove, Indiana, forget about having watermelon at a city park. Rinds in trash cans puncture bags and leave messes, which is why the city banned watermelons in parks.

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