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5. Don’t Neglect Carbonation

Sometimes you’re so used to carbonated beverages that the flat taste of water doesn’t appeal to you. Instead of drinking just tap (or filtered) water, opt for sparkling water or mineral water. It has plenty H2O with a little fizz to satisfy your soda tooth. If this works for you, then get a Sodastream where you can make your own.

6. Look Toward Food

There are animals out there, like kangaroo rats, that don’t drink water; all the moisture they need they get from their food. While humans can’t go this far, we can get some of our water content from various fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, grapes, and watermelon.

7. Reward Yourself

Once in a while you just need a reward for all your good work and to encourage you to do good work. There’s no reason this shouldn’t apply to the diet part of your life as well. Reach your water goals for a week, and give yourself a little something something. Just make sure that the reward is something special to really get you motivated.

8. Dilute Your Beverages

Start out small by adding extra water to your sweet beverages. If you like those drink packs that you mix with 16 ounces of water, mix it with 20 ounces instead. You get a little more water per packet without feeling like you’re suffering. Use the same principle for juice or tea.

If you need to trick or motivate yourself to drink more water, do what works. Sometimes you can improve your hydration by simply sipping water before meals or after you use the restroom. There’s no definitive amount of water that a person needs, but shoot for clear or light-colored urine.

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