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The Rice Is Right: 12 Types of Rice for All Kinds of Dishes

Around the World in Rice: These Rice Varieties Enliven Everyday Meals

There’s much more to rice than the white stuff that comes in a box. There are an array of grains and varieties that can add interesting flavor and texture to your dishes. Get to know the different types of rice with this handy guide.


American long-grain white rice is the kind usually found in the supermarket. After absorbing enough water, this rice forms a fluffy texture when handled with a fork.


Brown rice is a whole grain, therefore much healthier. The bran and germ layers which remain with the kernel not only nourish but add a nutty flavor that’s absent in white rice.

Long-Grain Rice

Long-grain rice is usually four to five times longer than its width. These grains tend to separate more distinctly than other types of rice.

Medium-Grain Rice

Medium-grain rice has a wide kernel and sticks together in clumps, unlike long-grain rice.

Short-Grain Rice

Short-grain rice is almost round in shape and sticks together even more so than medium-grain.


Used in many Indian dishes basmati rice is fragrant with a nutty flavor.

Japanese-Style Rice

White and short-grained, Japanese-style rice is used in many of the country’s dishes and is the main ingredient in sushi.


Wehani rice is the color of honey and it has a nutty flavor similar to other aromatic varieties.

Sweet Brown

Sweet brown rice is brown on the outside and white on the inside. When it cooks, the rice loses its shape and sticks together.


Jasmine rice hails from Thailand and has a unique floral scent when cooked.

Chinese Black

Chinese black rice has a dark colored bran with white insides. This special rice turns a shade of dark purple after you cook it.

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