Follow These Steps And Your Cheesecake Will Be Perfect Every Time!

I only just found out about #8 and it works like a charm!

Cracks on a cheesecake are just minor cosmetic problems. Cracks don’t affect the taste, and you can always cover the top layer of cheesecake with frosting, glaze or fruit toppings. However, you can employ a few steps throughout the baking process to prevent cracking in the middle of your scrumptious dessert.

Water Bath

Give the baking pan a water bath to help increase moisture in the oven. Place water in a larger pan, put the pan with the cheesecake in the water and then put all of this in the oven.

Grease the Pan

Grease sides of baking pan before adding ingredients. This allows the cheesecake to pull away from the sides during baking so it doesn’t crack when it shrinks as it cools.