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8 Ways to Sneak Salmon Into Your Favorite Recipes

Salmon, the Wonder Protein, Makes Appearances in These Traditional Dishes

Salmon is a fantastic way to eat healthy protein without a lot of fat, and this fish adds omega-3 fatty acids to your diet for a healthy heart. Consider these dishes for some new ideas on how to serve salmon at your next meal.

Cold Poached Salmon

Boil water in a large skillet and then add three salmon fillets. Turn off the heat, flip over the fillets and cook until the salmon is heated through, which usually takes six to 10 minutes. This quick method of cooking fish cuts your prep time dramatically. Serve the fish with whatever sides or sauces you like.


Instead of chicken, sausage or pepperoni, top your next pizza with smoked salmon instead.

Salmon Cakes

Salmon cakes combine the texture of bread with the savory spices you love in traditional crab cakes.

Why wouldn’t you use 12T photo os salmon cakes?

On the Lighter Side: Salmon Cakes


Salmon for breakfast or brunch? That’s right. This salmon and asparagus quiche is ready in less than an hour. You can use cooked or smoked salmon in this recipe; all you have to do is cut it into small chunks before adding it to the quiche mixture.

Photo is upside down and definitely not a quiche. Omit


When you heat up your favorite fettucine alfredo sauce, throw some salmon chunks into the mix instead of shrimp or lobster. Pasta night just got a bit healthier.


Salmon works well in salads that call for chicken. Think salmon caesar salad, salmon with crumbled bacon or salmon with field greens.

Pot Pie

Salmon creates a different dimension to pot pie, called fisherman’s pie. Combine fish stock, milk, potatoes and your favorite vegetables with salmon chunks for a warm meal on a cold day.

Salmon Rolls Appetizer

Roll up thin slices of smoked salmon and put cream cheese dip in the middle, then top these rolls off with sliced cucumbers for an elegant appetizer to serve at your next party.

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