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Food is more than just sustenance that gets us through the day. It can also be a chance for chefs and bakers to create edible art.

Because of this, we’ve come to see many different food combinations and creations throughout the years. In the baking scene, things have never been the same since 2013 when Dominique Ansel gave the world the hybrid cronut – which is a croissant and donut mix.

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Naturally, that has led to many different croissant-influenced combinations such as cruffins or crotillas.

In addition to the croissant cross craze, there was another one that has gained a lot of popularity and that is using a waffle iron to grill almost anything.

People have placed pizza, cinnamon rolls, tater tots, and more into their waffle maker and seeing what delicious things happen.

Photo: flickr/Travis Wise

Given how much people seem to love grilling food items in their waffle makers it was only a matter of time before the two trends collided to make culinary history. That is what happened with someone decided to put a croissant into their waffle maker in order to come up with a croffle.

According to Eater, this seems to be all the rage.

Photo: Pixabay/JUNO KWON

The trend first appeared in 2015 in a Food & Wine article. But two years later, the trend really took off after pastry chef Louise Lennox put her own spin on it. From there, the food craze took over South Korea where it exploded on Seoul’s street food scene.

And now, the croffle has found its footing in the US, gaining a lot of popularity in New York City thanks to a new Queens-baed bakery called Croffle House.

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The bakery was started by William Ham and pastry chef Kooksu Kim. Kim got his start with croffle making when he took a trip to Seoul in 2019. Of course, the croffle can also be made at home using pre-made croissants, and then they can be topped with whatever you like, but fruit seems to be a popular choice.

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