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Costco is a magical place where you can end up taking home items that you never expected to find. Of course, this is not always a good thing.

Sometimes, we head to the store for something specific, only to end up with something else entirely. That is what happened to the man in this story. When he filled out this special cake order at Costco, he never could have expected what would happen next.

Photo: Flickr/Tony Webster License: CC BY-SA 2.0

We have taken a look at the form and his request feels fairly straightforward to us. We are not sure what got lost in translation here but life has a way of throwing us some unexpected curve balls. He asked Costco for no writing or designs on the cake. All he wanted on the cake was some red frosting that would cover the perimeter on the top and bottom.

The funniest part of all is that he even drew a picture, in an effort to drive the point home. He shared about the situation on Reddit, and you would like to think that drawing a picture would have been all the instructions that Costco needed. The phrase, “do I have to draw a picture for you?” certainly comes to mind here, doesn’t it?

Photo: Reddit/u/FlipDemStocks

We are sorry for this man but we cannot stop laughing at the finished result that he ended up with.

We are glad that he shared a picture of what happened here because there is no way on earth that we ever would have believed him otherwise. It’s too insane to even begin to wrap our minds around. Did Costco do this because they were mad at him for circumventing the usual forms? It’s a real question that we have based on what we are seeing here.

Photo: Reddit/u/FlipDemStocks

Otherwise, we have to wonder if these people have been doing their job all that long. If we are approaching this in good faith, we have to believe that the folks who made this cake are brand new and did not know better. If we approach it in the opposite way, we are forced to think that they wanted to mess with him a bit.

These people really took the picture that he drew of the cake he wanted and placed it on the cake itself. We cannot stop laughing and it seems like this man must have a sense of humor about the whole thing if he was willing to share.