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This is one of the more mind-blowing optical illusions that you are ever going to come across. In fact, this illusion is leaving many viewers colorblind.

Viewers are being challenged to take a closer look at the image, in a test that will last for 50 seconds. The bizarre illusion was initially shared in an awesome video that has already received over 2 million views.

Photo: TikTok/@seandoesmagic

Seany (who goes by @seandoesmagic on TikTok) showed the viewers an image that had four blocks of color, instructing them to stare at its center.

“I’m gonna make you colorblind,” he says when the clip begins. He tells the audience that they need to stare at the center of the image and do their best not to blink. “What’s going to happen is you’re going to keep staring at the center,” he begins. “Keep focusing and focusing on the image, and then the colors are going to change,” he continued.

Photo: TikTok/@/@seandoesmagic

As you stare, the images are supposed to turn black and white. From there, he snaps his fingers, and the colors on the screen quickly change. “Now it should look like a really weird color, then it should slowly fade to black and white,” says the magician.

The comment section was immediately embroiled in debate, as people tried to figure out how he managed to pull this trick off. Many were confused and someone even asked if they were the only one who was seeing pastel colors. While some other users saw the pastels, others only saw the black and white.

Photo: TikTok/@/@seandoesmagic

Meanwhile, others said that they missed the joke because they are already color blind. We wonder what this ended up looking like to them! Hopefully, Seany is very pleased with himself for what he has accomplished here.

Check out the illusion for yourself in the video below:


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