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ColdSnap is essentially a kitchen appliance that brings the convenience of an ice cream machine straight to your home. It was designed by entrepreneur Matt Fonte of Sigma Phase, after his two daughters, Sierra and Fiona, expressed their desire for an ice cream machine at home.

Taking on the challenge, Matt eventually came up with ColdSnap, which basically works the same way that a Keurig coffee machine would. Only instead of producing warm coffee, ColdSnap produces cold, delicious ice cream in less than a minute without a mess.

Photo: Instagram / coldsnap_delight

The product was introduced at the 2021 CES technology convention. It uses the compression and condensation method to freeze and dispense ice cream from the contents of an aluminum pod. Each aluminum pod has a special QR code which the machine reads in order to process how to prepare and dispense the ice cream.

But the ColdSnap doesn’t just do ice cream. It can also do frozen yogurt, cold coffees, as well as icy cocktails! It definitely sounds like the kind of machine that the entire family can enjoy.

Photo: Instagram / coldsnap_delight

ColdSnap is built to dispense a variety of frozen treats all within a few minutes. The best part? It’s so easy to use! Simply select the single-serve pod of your choice, put it into the machine, wait a minute for the contents of the pod to freeze, then watch as it gets dispensed into your bowl or glass.

Photo: Pixabay

If that weren’t great enough, the pods are fully recyclable. Not only that, the ColdSnap pods – which have a stable shelf-life – are created, as well as shipped, in an entirely environmentally-friendly manner. They’re able to be stored in ambient temperature, which means a 25% to 50% reduction in carbon emissions. This is quite comparable to the “cold chain” system which is used for the standard ice cream market.

Photo: Instagram / coldsnap_delight

ColdSnap, which began as an idea in a kitchen, has quickly grown into a business that is managed by a team of 18 people.

According to CNN, Matt stated, “It’s been really fun with my daughters, who have seen the whole beginning of starting a company, purchasing a 2,500 sq. ft. building, getting patents, and they have shares in the company. I’ve been explaining how the investors invest in us and how we can’t let them down.”

Photo: Instagram / coldsnap_delight

For more information about ColdSnap, check out their website.

What do you think of this at-home ice cream machine? Would you get one? Let us know!

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