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It’s hard to believe that the winter is almost upon us. We look forward to many things that winter brings, but we don’t look forward to icy sidewalks. Most people tend to walk gingerly on the sidewalks and we do our best to keep them free of snow and ice.

What is your routine for keeping the sidewalks safe and clear? Some people will shovel and throw down some salt, but what do you do when the salt runs out? There are also times when freezing rain may catch you unprepared. Don’t simply stay indoors and wait for the ice to melt, use this life hack from PureWow, as it will change your winter life.

Photo: Pixabay

The answer to keeping your sidewalks ice-free is as close as your coffee maker. We’re not suggesting that you warm up water and pour it on the icy sidewalk, just save your old coffee grounds after brewing your morning java. You can sprinkle the coffee grounds powder on your freshly shoveled driveway or sidewalk. The ice will melt because coffee grounds have a natural acidity. In addition, coffee grounds are similar to sand or salt in consistency, so it gives you some friction and provides traction as well.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and I would have to agree. This invention using old coffee grounds is one that can make a difference in how safe you can get from your home to your car.