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People use social media for different reasons. Some of them go on to find out what is happening with friends and family and others scroll through the feed endlessly, just trying to waste a little bit of time.

If you happen to be a big fan of TikTok, however, you realize that scrolling is the name of the game. You never quite know what you’re going to find when you show up on the social platform but sometimes, you find a gem that is well worth keeping.

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That is what many people discovered when they saw the following video from a plumber. He had something to say about clogged drains and pipes, and it is something that we all needed to hear.

If you do have a clogged drain, you realize that it is not always a simple fix. We might try anything, from a household plunger to some toxic chemicals that are poured down the drain and bad for the environment.

Photo: TikTok/@plumberman35

The social media user who posted the video claims to be a licensed plumber. After posting the video, viewers couldn’t get enough of the idea and they are waiting to try it for themselves.

It starts out appropriately by showing the plumber in front of a lot of the common commercial products that are used for clearing drains. He said: “Take it from your hometown plumber. Don’t do it.” He was referring to the products in front of him.

Photo: TikTok/@plumberman35

You then see some plumbing tools on the shelf nearby. He grabs something that appears to be an unusual gun and then tells us all to do this.

It is a drain snake, and it is something that can reach down into the drain and dislodge what is causing the problem.


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♬ original sound – plumberman35

Since the video was so popular, he followed it up with another video to tell us why we should be using those liquid drain cleaners. He shows us the danger on the back of the bottle and that is enough for me.

Check it out below:


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♬ original sound – plumberman35

I think I’ll be trying a drain snake in the future.