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Having a spotless oven to call your own may seem like an impossible dream, right? Thanks to this helpful guide, you will soon come to realize that the perfect solution was probably sitting right under your nose this whole time. This is especially true of anyone who has a dishwasher in their kitchen right now. Turns out, the tablets that we use in these machines are shockingly useful for our oven as well!

Baked on grease has never been easier to take off the oven door. You don’t have to waste all kinds of time and energy on old fashioned cleaning methods that do not provide the necessary results. Finish Deep Clean tablets are the best choice in most instances, according to those who have tried this hack on their own already.

Once you are finally ready to put the steel wool away, this trick will make the process simpler than you could have ever imagined. Make sure that the dishwasher tablets you are purchasing are the powdered kind (not the gel kind).

Photo: YouTube / How To With Angie

From there, some rubber gloves to protect your hands are all you need (in addition to a bowl of warm water). Take the pod and dip it into the warm water, so that it has a chance to soak up some of it. You won’t want to leave the pod in the warm water for too long, though. If you do, the pod will start to crumble before you have even had the chance to enjoy the awesome cleaning power.

Once that step is taken, you can use the tablets to scrub in the same manner that you would use a sponge. The results that they get are hard to fathom.

YouTube channel How To With Angie provided us with the heads up and now it is time to spread the good cheer. Let’s all do our part by passing this helpful pointer along as soon as possible. We all deserve to have a nice, clean oven to do our cooking in.