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We’re not trying to complain, but it is awfully tough to keep our cars clean. We are in them every day but they are not something that we think about cleaning when we are not in them. Out of sight, out of mind, you know? Whether your car is filled with your children’s knickknacks or you are being subjected to a difficult seasonal change, there are some tips that can help.

Of course, we cannot take all of the credit. Rachel Talbott is here to provide you with all of the tips that you require. By the time you get done watching this clip, your mind will be brimming with awesome ideas. We already took a look and our car has never been cleaner. There are few feelings that are more satisfying than getting inside of a car that has been freshly cleaned.

Here are a few of our favorite tips from Rachel’s video:

– Create your own cleaning solution for your car! All you need is some baby oil, water, a few natural soap droplets, tea tree oil, white wine vinegar, and essential oils.

Photo: YouTube / Rachel Talbott

– Put a toothbrush holder in your center console for maximum organization. Use this to store all of those smaller items that you are constantly finding, like hair ties, loose change, and pens. There’s no reason to splurge on some sort of expensive car organizer when you can just use this, and it’ll make those items so much easier to find!

Photo: YouTube / Rachel Talbott

– Make a DIY air-freshener. Simply grab some clothespins and some hot glue. Hot glue some pom poms to the clothespins. By adding your favorite essential oils to the pom poms, you are ensuring that the scent has a chance to settle in your car.

Photo: YouTube / Rachel Talbott

We love a hack that is smart AND fun! Thanks to this video, we now have access to several. If you have any tips on keeping your car neat and organized, please be sure to sound off and let us know. We are willing to take all of the hacks that we can get.

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