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One of the luxuries we appreciate in life is a good bubble bath. There is nothing quite like sinking into a deep tub and letting the bubbles wash away all of your troubles.

That is, of course, if you don’t think about the cleanliness of the tub.

Photo: TikTok/@_maity

Most of us that have a deep tub with jets clean it regularly but what if you move into an apartment and the tub is new to you? Are you sure the people cleaned it properly?

You might be surprised and perhaps even a little grossed out when you see the video someone shared on TikTok. It is one of the nastier cleaning videos I’ve seen and this one is going viral for one disgusting reason.

Photo: TikTok/@_maity

The social media uploader, @_maity, posted the video which went on to receive over 2 million views. It all started when she moved into a new apartment.

Like many people who move, she cleaned what already appeared to be clean. She then filled up the “spotless” tub and turned on the jets.

Photo: TikTok/@_maity

In the video, she explains that the tub was already cleaned with Fabuloso and Awesome. You would think that is enough, but then she comes on the video holding a bottle of Oh Yuk.

She poured 4 ounces of Oh Yuk into the tub and turns on the jets. It wasn’t long before dirt and grime floated to the top of the tup and lingered on the surface.


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After the jets run for 15 minutes, there is a layer of grime on top of the water.

The woman then decides it isn’t enough, so she cleans the tub again in a follow-up video. This time, she used a jet cleaner and the results speak for themselves.


Part 2 💗 A little betrer this time I think @ohyukcleaners. I dont know how to add to comments 🙄#fyp #jetcleaner #ohyuk #newapartment #trending #apartmentcleaning #viral #jett #nasty #dallas #dallastx

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The comments came in quickly, with many expressing their horror at what they just learned.