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Now that marijuana laws are starting to be loosened, more and more cooking shows are starting to incorporate the usage of cannabis. While there are some who are surprised by this development, we have been noticing these types of recipes more and more.

Now, Discovery+ is bringing a new show called Chopped 420. This official spin-off of the Food Network classic allows you to enjoy the chef competitions that you know and love…..with a whole new twist.

Photo: PIXY

Four chefs are pitted against each other in a three-course elimination challenge. Each round, a basket of four mystery ingredients are offered up to the contestants to feature in their meals. At the, one of the chefs is finally declared the winner.

Each episode is an hour-long and THC is going to be used in each of the courses. The series is going for a limited run but we hope that they change their minds about that. They even got one of our favorite comedians to handle hosting duties: the one and only Ron Funches.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The show also announced the new judge’s panel for this spin-off: Chef Esther Choi, drag performer and cannabis activist Laganja Estranja, chef Luke Reyes, chef Sam Talbot, and comedian Tacarra Williams. As you would expect, the series is going to kick off on 4/20 this year.

If you have been watching Netflix or VICE these days, you have probably already seen cooking shows like this one. Cooking on High and Bong Appetit: Cook Off are great shows, whether you consider yourself to be a THC enthusiast or not.

Photo: flickr/Maria Eklind

Discovery+ is going to have more Chopped spin-offs to choose from soon enough as well, like Chopped Next Gen which arrives on May 25. This spin-off gives you the chance to check out the awesome dishes that are prepared by up-and-coming Gen Z chefs. But, wait, there’s more! Food Network will be serving up Chopped: Martha Rules before you know it. Judge Martha Stewart will be throwing all sorts of curveballs at the contestants. The chefs who compete on this show will be stepping outside and cooking in the open air of Kennebunkport, Maine.

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