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The Pastry Academy’s Chef Amaury Guichon has come up with one of the best ideas that we have seen in some time.

If you have ever seen the Statue of Liberty, you know that she cuts a rather statuesque figure (sorry, but we could not help ourselves). They decided to try and recreate the Statue of Liberty, but with chocolate.


While this replica is not nearly as tall, it definitely deserves the same amount of attention, if we do say so ourselves.

We never thought that we would see a Statue of Liberty that is entirely constructed out of chocolate but you know what they say: You learn something new each and every day.

According to the video below, Chef Guichon shared that this is actually the tallest piece that he has ever created.

PHOTO: YouTube/Amaury Guichon

As if we were not already psyched enough to learn more about this work that he put in, the backstory is even more amazing. The chef was inspired by the immigration process. He made his way to the United States from France back in 2013 and has recently obtained official residency status.

This creation is very close to his heart, for obvious reasons. We could offer up our own take on the piece that he has created but it would be better if we allowed him to tell the story in his own words.

PHOTO: YouTube/Amaury Guichon
PHOTO: YouTube/Amaury Guichon

“This new chocolate creation is very dear to me! It weighs 115lbs and peaks at 7ft, it is my highest showpiece yet. I came to the US 8 years ago and finally became a citizen recently, it was really important for me to mark the occasion on this special holiday using a powerful symbol offered by the French to the United States as a gift of friendship,” he said.

This Statue of Liberty has us licking our chops like Homer Simpson in a candy store. Check out the creation in the video below:

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