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Chef Amaury Guichon of the Pastry Academy creates stunning sculptures look like something out of a dream – and he makes them entirely out of chocolate.

If you have seen the works that he has come up with in the past, like his 7-foot chocolate Statue of Liberty, you definitely know exactly what we are talking about.

Photo: YouTube/Amaury Guichon

His latest bit of confectionery magic that he is letting us in on is quite something. This man is responsible for the construction of a massive, chocolate sea dragon. We can hardly believe our eyes and our stomachs are wondering if we would ever be able to take a bite.

Of course, this sculpture is far too beautiful to chomp on but we cannot help ourselves.

Photo: YouTube/Amaury Guichon

The sheer size of this sea dragon is enough to make even the most jaded person do a double-take. The majestic, chocolate creature stretches for over seven feet. As you would expect, it weighs quite a bit, too, clocking in at a whopping 90 pounds.

The sea dragon was constructed in a very unique way by Guichon. The finished product gives viewers the illusion of a completed dragon, but Chef Amaury built the piece in three separate parts.

Photo: YouTube/Amaury Guichon

“This chocolate sea dragon weighs 90lbs and can stretch up to 7ft long. I love this new idea for showpiece where you have 3 modular elements, creating a different feeling each time you move them,” reads the description.

Watch the video below:

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