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Across the United States, there have been packages of seeds dropped in mailboxes. Many people are claiming that they didn’t order the seeds, and there is more to it than meets the eye.

Kari Norred is one of the homeowners who received a yellow package from China. When it arrived at their Breckenridge home, they opened it to find some tiny, rust-colored seeds that were not ordered by the family.

“It looks like jewelry or something,” said Norred, according to KTXS12, examining the package. “It’s such a small package you wouldn’t really think twice about it.”

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The delivery occurred in June and the package was simply moved to the junk mail pile until it was eventually looked into. When Norred saw other people who were getting similar packages on Facebook, they decided to take a look.

These are some mystery seeds and many people who work in agriculture are not aware of what they are.

“There are different seeds out there, we do know that so not everybody is receiving the same types of seeds,” said Taylor County Extension Agent Steve Estes.

This may make you wonder why it is taking place. John Riggins, president of The Better Business Bureau of Abilene, said that it is an attempt to get fake reviews from those who are receiving the seeds. According to Riggins, it is a scam known as “brushing.” It is used to steal information, such as names and addresses, and then use it for the promotion of a product.

Should you worry if you get the seeds in your mailbox? It may just mean that you have had your identity partially stolen.

“Start getting educated on how to protect your identity at this point,” advised Riggins to KTXS.

The Norred family received the seeds addressed to their 17-year-old daughter. It worried them for that very reason. She joked that she is now nervous about opening packages and hopes that they start to send money.

If you receive a package of mystery seeds, keep them and the packaging and email

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