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Carpets tend to get marked up in a number of different ways and it can be very annoying to deal with the blemishes.

Baby gates, furniture, beds, there are all sorts of culprits that no one wants to reckon with. If you are looking to move furniture around, the process can seem relatively impossible because the marks are too ugly to be seen by guests.

Photo: TikTok/@lauracleanz

That’s what makes this woman’s brilliant hack such an amazing one. If you are thinking that it is something difficult, it actually isn’t. You do not need to be some sort of savant to handle this, it is actually quite simple.

@lauracleanz is a cleaning guru who also has a TikTok where she shares all of these incredible hacks with the rest of the world.

Photo: TikTok/@lauracleanz

Once she removed her baby gate, she took the time to tell us how she managed to get rid of those unsightly marks. “So I got rid of the baby gate today on the stairs which was a big achievement because it’s been there for so, so many years,” Laura begins in her video. To get started, she takes a sponge and drags it along the carpet to remove all of the excess fur and hair that has had the chance to pile up over time.

“That’s where the dog lies so that’s why [the hairs] are really gathered there,” Laura explains. From there, The Pink Stuff is used to cleanse the area at the bottom of her staircase. This is where the carpet meets the wooden floor. As soon as all of the preparations have been made, she sets her sights on the baby gate marks.

Photo: TikTok/@lauracleanz

“This is ice I’m putting on the dents. I heard it’s a really good idea to get the dents out of the carpet,” she shares with the audience. Cylinder-shaped ice cubes are used to soothe the dent and wouldn’t you know it? It vanishes within mere moments.

Carpet foam and stain remover are used to make the carpet look even nicer. As soon as Laura completes all of these simple steps, the carpet looks brand new again.


Repost of my most fav vid I’ve made so far, this was emotional and also amazing step forward. #cleantok #fyp #repost #foryoupage #satisfying #sph2onge

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“BRB I’m just gonna put loads of ice on my carpet,” said one viewer, who summed up our feelings on the topic perfectly. “THE ICE. I have little circle dents in my floor from my bed as I moved it around in my room and the dents have been there for almost 2 months now,” said another.