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The weather is starting to get warmer and lockdown restrictions are being lifted gradually in many parts of the country. More people are heading outside to get some sun but social distancing guidelines still remain in place. In other words, your trip to the park may be a little different than what you had experienced in past years.

If you go to the Domino Park in Brooklyn, N.Y., you will see some circles painted on the grass according to a report by the New York Post. The markings are there to help park-goers to maintain social distancing.

They are calling them “human parking spots” and social media videos show park goers sitting inside of each circle. Some are stretching, others are doing various types of exercise and some are just out to enjoy the nice weather.

Footage was posted to twitter by Jennifer 8 Lee, where she said: “They’ve made little round human parking spots in Domino Park in Brooklyn! (This park is often the poster child for social distancing fácil).”

She also commented in another post, saying: “Looking at those circular human parking spaces in Domino made me think, if you were to take video footage from the world today and show it to someone from 2019, they would think it was from some near-future Hollywood dystopian television show instead of real life.”

Domino Park is not operated by the city of New York City, it is privately owned and operated.

The New York Post reports that park-goers seemed to respect the circles for the most part. Some will wait outside the park for a circle to open up before they enter. There were many that were taken up by a single person but some had up to four people in them.

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