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The Brooklyn Museum in New York City has made a very important decision, leaving many in awe.

The museum had 1,305 ancient artifacts from Costa Rica that were stolen from the country in the 19th or 20th century, according to Reuters. They have decided that they are going to return those artifacts to their country of origin, in a move that is definitely pleasing to Costa Rican archaeologists.

Photo: flickr/Kent Wang

As Reuters reported, Tycoon Minor Keith is the one who is responsible for bringing these artifacts onto American soil in the first place. Sadly, they were looted during the construction of a railway that was supposed to lead to the United States.

Among the pieces being returned is an unfinished tombstone, a large ceramic vase painted with beeswax, human representations, and a range of ancient tools.

Photo: Unsplash/Trnava University

“The tombstone is a piece we have only seen as illustrations in study books here,” Daniela Meneses, a researcher at the National Museum of Costa Rica, said according to Reuters. “It’s amazing to see that piece now. It’s very emotional,” she continued.

It’s unclear what prompted the Brooklyn Museum to return the artifacts to their rightful home, but it’s definitely refreshing to see them doing the right thing.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

With any luck, the museum’s actions will set a great example that other facilities can follow. There are many stolen artifacts in museums of all sizes, and it’d be nice to see them all go back to their rightful owners.

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