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Breakfast Recipe: Crispy Hash Browns

Breakfast Recipe: Crispy Hash Browns

Sometimes when we want breakfast, we just want something nice and simple. What could be simpler for breakfast than hash browns? There are so many ways to cook these, especially depending on how the potatoes are cut. What we wanted was that classic potato pancake style hash brown, but we also wanted to find a way to elevate the flavor.

The simplest way we found to add flavor was to throw in some vegetables with the potatoes. The only thing is, we didn’t want to create too much moisture, which would make those crispy pancakes fall apart on us. To fix this issue, we approached it from a few directions. We squeezed as much moisture as we could from the potatoes after they were shredded (using a ricer as a garlic press was one inventive way to take care of this, but paper towels also worked). Another was adding eggs and flour to the mix to help bind the whole pancake together. If you’d prefer the simplest of hash browns, follow the instructions but only use the potatoes and oil. Keep reading below for this simple recipe…

CrispyHash Browns

(makes 6-8 pancakes)



Recipe adapted fromFood Network