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By now, you are probably very familiar with celebs and their ventures into the world of high end spirits.

Brad Pitt is no stranger to this arena and now he is dropping an exclusive bombshell about his next venture to the good folks at People Magazine.

Photo: Flickr/DoD News

He has already quite a name for himself in the worlds of wine and champagne but now he will be trying his hand at gin!

According to Drinks International, the Gardener Gin will be launched at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Pitt felt that this would be the perfect location, since the gin is inspired by the region where the film festival is held each year. Those who have been paying attention on social media were probably already well aware of this upcoming release, though.

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“Handcrafted by Brad, Tom and Perrin,” the official account bio reads. The Perrin family was responsible for working with Brad on his Miraval wines and Tom Nichol is the master distiller who worked with Pitt to craft this high quality gin. He is not the only actor to throw his hat into the gin ring, either. Ryan Reynolds has already made a name for himself with his Aviation gin.

Pitt’s addition to the gin canon is a London dry style gin. It has been distilled in France, as a wheat base is being used in the copper pot stills. To top it all off, the gin is crafted with the use of a organic botanical mixture. Licorice, coriander, juniper and angelica have all been included. These flavor notes are also paired with citrus notes from Cap d’Antibes orange, pink grapefruit and lemon.

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

This is not the only brand launch that Pitt has announced lately. He also let the world know that he is providing them with a skin care product that can be used by either gender, according to Esquire. Now, with the release of the new gin, he is hoping to provide everyone with a chance to enjoy their very own taste of the French Riviera.

The gin is slated to be presented at a very special launch as well. It will be presented to the public as part of the Carlton Hotel re-opening that will be taking place at Cannes, according to Drinks International. In fact, the gin is going to be included in a special cocktail that will be known as The Secret Garden. In case you are wondering, The Secret Garden is going to be making its way to the United States this September.