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If you’ve used a tape measure in the past (and who hasn’t?), you have probably noticed the small black diamonds that are fairly prominent. Some tape measures come with small black triangles instead. Most know that they are a visual cue that is designed to make the process faster. Joists are used to start the framing and there are 5 additional joists and open bays in each panel of subflooring.

The tape measures also come with markings that are supposed to help you when it comes time to space your wall studs. That’s another story for another day, though. The black diamonds give you the assistance that you need with your floor trusses. The numbers that were mentioned above also come into play here. The small diamonds are typically seen at the 19.2-inch mark on the tape measure.

Image by José Manuel de Laá from Pixabay

The significance is not lost on us. The 5 open bays and joists that were mentioned above? Once you’ve done simple division, you will find out more about the significance of these numbers. Take the 5 open bays and divide them by the number of feet in each piece of subflooring. 8 feet (96 inches) is divided by 5, leaving you at 19.2″. This gives you the required spacing that you need when it is time to make alterations to subflooring.

Rim boards and joists are used to start the framing but the tape measure is even more important. Without the small black diamonds, the work process does not go as quickly. Correct spacing is not nearly as easy to come by when you are trying to work without a tape measure. Don’t ever make the mistake of taking on a project without one. You will be thanking us later!

Check out this video about tape measure markings to learn more.

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