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When most people think of birthday parties, they envision cake, ice cream, balloons, etc. They probably don’t picture tacos. However, the two go hand-in-hand.

A while back, tacos were actually a popular birthday food in the US, but that trend soon died out and we were left with a simple birthday cake. However, the trend of “birthday tacos” is back and people can’t get enough of them!

Photo: Unsplash

People are sharing photos of their birthday tacos online and they look amazing.

When most people think of Tacos, they picture a tortilla with a little meat and cilantro, or maybe an American version that has some cream and cheese as well. Birthday tacos, however, taking things to the next level.

Photo: Instagram/las_brasas_tacos
Photo: Instagram/
Photo: Instagram/janaejonesisahippie
Photo: Instagram/misofaso

If done right birthday tacos can easily be as impressive as the best designer spread at a fraction of the cost. Plus, who doesn’t love a savory treat?

What do you think of birthday tacos? Would you have them at your celebration? Let us know!

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