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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you’re likely familiar with the big, red, cartoonish boots that have been circulating on social media.

As basketball fans, the first time that we saw them was when Shai Gilgeous-Alexander of the Oklahoma City Thunder rocked them before a recent game. Check them out in Daily Loud’s tweet below:

Since then, it seems like we have only been seeing them more and more. Even R&B superstar Janelle Monae had on a pair!

So, who is responsible for these boots? Why have they become so popular all of a sudden? If you remember the holy water shoes (and who doesn’t), these actually come from the same exact company: MSCHF. The boots are called The Big Red Boot and they are setting social media on fire.

It seems like we cannot scroll any of our timelines without seeing an opinion on the boots. According to StockX, they are being released on February 16 with a price tag of $350.

StockX already has them re-selling for at least $900 and we would expect those prices to rise even further during weeks and months to come. Others believe that the numbers will drop post-release, so it will be interesting to see who is correct here.

Photo: Flickr/Sora License: CC BY-ND 2.0

Those who are fans of Ronald McDonald, Dora The Explorer, or Astro Boy are sure to love these boots. This company is no stranger to going viral but this might be their wildest creation yet.

You can learn more about the boots on the company website here.