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Puzzles are one of the best ways to pass the time during the quarantine. If you are anything like us, you have been tackling all sorts of brain teasers to keep yourself from getting too bored. What else is there to do, honestly? There’s only so much banana bread that we can bake and eventually we are going to run out of shows to binge-watch.

However, Arby’s is stepping up to the plate to provide you with access to another awesome puzzle. They are not the most obvious candidate to do so and that’s part of the charm. Puzzles may be selling out everywhere as people look for something to do but some of us are running out of options. Luckily, the Arby’s 13 Hour Puzzle is here to save the day.

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Arby’s is now offering a 13 hour jigsaw puzzle. McDonald’s and Heinz Ketchup have released their own branded jigsaw puzzles as well to keep people occupied – and hungry – during the quarantine. Learn about all the fast food restaurant puzzles on our blog (link in bio). . . #arbysjigsawpuzzle #arbys #arbyspuzzle #heinzketchuppuzzle #heinz57 #mcdonaldsburgerpuzzle #mcdonaldsjigsawpuzzle #mcdonaldsbelgium #ifitshipitshere

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This is one of the best puzzles that we have seen recently. 13 hours is a long time to spend on a puzzle but this bad boy looks worth it. True Arby’s fans are probably already well aware of the inspiration for the name. Their 13 Hour Smoked Brisket is one of the best meals on the menu if we do say so ourselves. The puzzle comes with 1,000 pieces and is sure to keep you busy for an extended period of time.

The pieces are covered in all of your Arby’s favorites. The sandwiches that you know and love are represented, as well as the curly fries and mozzarella sticks that we crave. The chain has already issued the necessary warnings about the amount of time that it will take to handle this puzzle. Experienced puzzle lovers are going to be able to do it faster.

Photo: Arby’s Shop

The puzzle can be had for $25 and is available on the Arby’s Shop.

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