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This woman is here to share her amazing renovation story and we cannot get over it. When you have the chance to see where she has been living, you won’t be able to believe your ears.

Once you see how much money she has managed to save? You really won’t believe it! She found an ambulance that had been decommissioned and decided that she could make that into a home.

Photo: TikTok/@notluxe

Raychel and her husband, Nick, currently reside in Canada. They have quite the story to tell as well. Fortunately for us, they have been kind enough to document their lifestyle for the world of TikTok, @notluxe. Their tiny house on wheels has more amenities than you might have expected, too. Raychel has been happy to answer all of the questions that are being lobbed her way as well.

“Our building materials — from plywood to screws, shims, cedar, plumbing, hooks and other hardware — was $835,” she shared in a video. “Our power system, including 630 watts of solar, our inverter and AGM batteries was $1,260,” she continued. This is actually a lot less expensive than we would have thought if we are being honest.

“We didn’t have any sheets or furniture before van life because we were living out of backpacks,” she went on to say. “To furnish everything, including our bedroom and bathroom, was $277, bringing us to a grand total of $8,794 to buy, build and furnish our van.” She was also willing to answer questions about what she is doing for money.

She let the audience know how she is paying for vacations. According to Raychel, she is working at seasonal and temporary jobs as she navigates the open road. The couple keeps costs down even further by “living minimally and finding cheap travel deals.”

In case you are curious, there is a toilet in the van itself but there is no shower to speak of. They get their showering done at the gym.

“More people should consider ambulances,” she says. She was also quick to note that the ambulance is a good choice because they come with flooring and lights already installed.


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The van lifestyle is not for everyone but Raychel highly recommends it. “Because your lifestyle will open up to a million possibilities,” she shared.

You can see more of her life on Instagram or TikTok!

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