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What’s better than a cup of hot chocolate on these cold winter nights? Perhaps hot chocolate fudge? Or hot chocolate popcorn? There are a surprising number of ways to get your hot chocolate fix this season. We’ve compiled our favorite hot chocolate-inspired desserts into one list. Hot chocolate fans everywhere will rejoice! Go ahead and find your new favorite dessert on the list below.

Double Hot Chocolate Lush

Close up of layered hot chocolate lush

Double hot chocolate lush. That’s right, we packed two times the hot cocoa goodness into this dessert – a four-layered force of nature. We started with an oreo crust, then hit the ground running with a hot chocolate mousse layer, then doubled down with a hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) pudding layer. Top it all off with frozen whipped topping and more marshmallows and you’ve got a ridiculously yummy dessert that will knock everyone’s socks off. Get the recipe here!

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookie, fudge, melted marshmallow on top

That’s right, instead of the classic beverage, we made a batch of rich, fudgey, dense cookies that each have a molten chocolate center and are topped with a perfectly pillowy marshmallow. Biting into one of these is the best thing that will happen to you all day, so check out the recipe and gather your ingredients. It’s a great activity to do with the little ones, and everyone will be thrilled with the results! Get the recipe here!

4-Ingredient Hot Chocolate Dip

Hot chocolate dip close up with marshmallows and cocoa

There’s nothing like a cup of hot chocolate during those cold fall and winter days. Then again, I’m a fan of hot chocolate all year ’round, as well as hot chocolate-flavored things that aren’t technically hot chocolate. Like this hot chocolate dip, for example. Sure, it doesn’t warm your hands or have picturesque tendrils of steam wafting up, but this 4-Ingredient Hot Chocolate Dip is just as tasty and just as addictive! If you’re looking for all the hot chocolate flavor you love, only in dippable, dessert form, then this is the recipe for you! Get the recipe here!

Hot Chocolate On A Stick

Hot chocolate fudge squares with marshmallows on a stick

It’s those cold, stormy days when we really feel like nothing would be better than staying cozied up indoors, snuggled up in a warm blanket with a huge, steaming mug of hot chocolate to help ward up off the cold. Now, we used to reach for those hot chocolate packets that we could easily dump into a cup of hot milk, but we’ve since made hot-chocolate-on-a-stick and are pretty convinced we’re never going back to our old way. Get the recipe here!

Hot Chocolate Popcorn

Bowl of popcorn with chocolate drizzled and cocoa powder sprinkled on top

Hot chocolate is a favorite beverage this time of year. What with the cold weather and dreary days, nothing is quite as comforting as curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. Now imagine taking that same sweet, chocolatey, marshmallow goodness and having it in popcorn form! If you’re a fan of all things hot chocolate, then this is the snack recipe of your dreams. The best part is, it’s so incredibly easy to make! Get the recipe here!

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

Photo of slow cooker full of hot chocolate and two mugs

You knew we had to include a decadent hot chocolate recipe on this list somewhere. There are countless occasions in life that just call for a steaming hot cup of cocoa… coming in from your last run on the slopes, a brisk final lap around the ice rink, or just sitting cozily with friends and family by the fire. And while that old dry-mix envelope suffices in a pinch, there are few things that warm the soul like good, rich, decadent homemade hot chocolate. Our easy method here uses a few quality ingredients and the magic of the slow cooker to make a delightful drink that’s worlds above the cocoa packet. Get the recipe here!

I hope you found a few new ways to enjoy hot chocolate all year long!

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