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Chilly weather calls for a blanketing comfort that can only be delivered by a thick, creamy bowl of soup. Whether you’ve just trudged through a soggy slosh of half-melted snow or been bitten by the arctic tundra-worthy winds, these creamy soups have you covered and will warm you up through and through.

Creamy Chicken Alfredo Soup

Your favorite pasta dish just got a soup remake with this Creamy Chicken Alfredo Soup. Carrots, garlic, and onions sauté down with a touch of chili pepper flakes and a lot of wondrous aromatic herbs. A roux gives the broth a nice body (with the help of some cheese, of course). Shredded chicken and bowtie pasta bring great texture and satiation to this soup that it almost eats like a meal, you won’t need anything after eating a bowl or two of this soup! To get all of the details, click the link here.

Creamy Chicken Chili

Creamy Chicken Chili is a meal in a bowl that comes together in thirty minutes. It’s full of hearty beans and chicken to satiate hunger but has a creamy broth base to give you a satisfying sense of richness. A kick of zest from the green chilis balances all of the components to make one amazing bowl of comfort you can whip up any night of the week! To get the ingredient list and step-by-step instructions, click the link.

Creamy Chicken Potato Soup

Creamy Chicken and Potato Soup is like taking a loaded baked potato and turning it into a spoonable, brothy delight. A roux-based broth is the base for hearty ingredients like potatoes, shredded chicken, and cheese. Finally, a garnish of fresh scallions elevates the flavors, making this soup ready to crush any of those winter carb cravings. Find the recipe by clicking the link here!

Cream of Bacon Soup

If you need to find a vessel (aka excuse) to eat bacon outside of breakfast, then here’s your chance with this Cream of Bacon Soup. A well-seasoned roux-thickened stock is the base for the pile of delicious bacon, which is cooked in and garnished on top of the soup. No fishing for bacon here, you’ll be able to spoon up bacon with each and every bite! Curious about the recipe? Then click the link!

Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup

While we’ve all had our fair share of broccoli cheese soups, this version kicks it up with broccoli’s cruciferous vegetable companion, cauliflower. Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup has a double dose of delicious vegetables thanks to the addition of cauliflower. The thick, cheesy broth is a delicious therapeutic-level of comfort food that needs little to no explanation. Cheese in the form of a hearty broth? Say no more! Interested in making the recipe? Then click the link to get more details.

Creamy Taco SoupCreamy Taco Soup

Tacos jump off of the dinner plate and into the bowl with this Creamy Taco Soup. Hearty ground beef sauteed with bell peppers and spice until fragrant. Pantry staples like canned crushed tomatoes, pinto beans, corn, and green chilies get simmered in the pot until all is well and combined. A final addition of creamy cheese sends the soup into comfort food territory, providing a rich and smooth finish. To get ingredient links to the recipe, click the link here.