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This is one of the more epic fails that we have ever seen. We cannot believe what we are seeing and you won’t be able to either.

This is the story of a dream wedding cake that would soon become an absolute nightmare. AG Wright and her wife were planning on getting married and they assumed that they would receive exactly what they paid for.

Photo: Unsplash/Cássio Jardim

Little did they know what would end up happening next. Wright even sent the bakery an exact photo of what she wanted her cake to look like. The bakery proceeded to send her the exact opposite of what she asked for. The cake that they have decided on had been chosen from a Martha Stewart Living editorial. That should have been easy enough for them to put together, right? Wrong.

The design that they wanted consists of three different tiers of cake but the way Martha structured the cake was incredible. Instead of the tiers all being centered, they are supposed to be skewed to one side. This creates a more interesting effect, as the cake is also designed to function in a more minimalist manner. The design is also a simple and elegant one.

Photo: TikTok/agwright1231

The cake that they were supposed to receive comes with a soft green “paint stroke” design. Martha also included a few white roses on green vines entwined around them, to add to the simplistic beauty.

The cake that the couple got? It was something else entirely. They received a cake with four tiers and all of them were centered

Not only that, but there was also a pearl-like rim at the bottom! The brushstrokes that were carefully applied to the other cake did not take place here. It looks like they just chaotically tossed this thing together and expected the couple to be okay with that. It is safe to say that they were a bit less than pleased.

Photo: TikTok/agwright1231

“They’re kind of pushing back on giving me a refund. Like what?” said Wright. “I paid $550… so I def didn’t go the cheap route.” All’s well that ends well at least because the cake is said to have been delicious regardless. “It tasted great which we knew because we had tasted prior. But the design was just so so bad,” Wright continued.

Watch the TikTok fail video below:


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♬ original sound – Matthew Rincon

She ended up having to pay someone to redo the design on the cake to make it acceptable for the wedding. She paid an extra $250 for that, but the cake did turn out beautiful.

You can watch an update in the video below:


#greenscreen cake update- highly requested! haha

♬ original sound – AG Wright

As for the bakery, they shared on Facebook that they’re refusing to offer a refund and feel the cake they produced was acceptable. At least the couple enjoyed a beautiful cake on their wedding day, even they had to deal with the stress of re-doing it last minute. You live and you learn!

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