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“Earth: Around the World From the Air” is one of the coolest short films that you are going to come across anytime soon.

We were spellbound by this footage and we are sure that you will be, too. Photographer Kien Lam of Where and Wander is responsible for the film. Can you believe that he compiled this footage after three years of traveling around the world?

Photo: YouTube/Kien Lam

That had to be a lot of work! Best of all, this video is composed entirely of 4K drone footage that was taken alongside all of his other films.

Like many of us, Lam found himself with a lot more extra time on his hands once the COVID-19 pandemic hit. That’s when he finally decided to sit down and put all of this amazing footage together.

Photo: YouTube/Kien Lam

“Over 3 years, I took my drone on most of my travels to add aerial footage to my short films. With the current state of the world and my travels on hold for the foreseeable future, I turned to my archives to put together a short film of some of the incredible places I’ve been, as seen from above,” Lam shared in the video’s description.

While there are some who claim that they do not see the point of drones, the images that they can capture make them more than worthwhile. Without drones, we never would be able to see all of this cool imagery. It would all be left to our imagination and who wants that?

Photo: YouTube/Kien Lam

The effort Lam put in is next-level and the result is incredibly soothing.

Check out the video for yourself below:

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