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We love the relationships that develop between grandparents and their grandchildren. There is a certain candor that young people and the elderly both have that makes things especially awesome.

That is the type of honesty that you are going to be treated to when you see this awesome video. “We’ve been assuming my grandmother was going to die next year, every year, for my entire life,” Alex Traynor begins.

Photo: TikTok/@alexandertraynor

This sets the tone for the type of humor that you are about to see here. His grandmother has made it to the age of 106 and you would have to assume that she is taking the right precautions, right?

In all actuality, she is not. The fact that she has made it to the age of 106 is a minor miracle. She had a massive heart attack at the age of 48 and somehow survived.

Photo: TikTok/@alexandertraynor

That did not even get her to change her ways. Instead, she continued to smoke a pack of cigarettes on an everyday basis. Surely, Grandma must have some wisdom to impart, though. In her words, it is all very simple.

“Be humble. Have a sense of humor. And be kind and good to people,” she says. It makes sense to us. There is no rhyme or reason to these things.

Photo: TikTok/@alexandertraynor

The idea that we can cheat death by eating right, avoiding indulgences (like cigarettes), and exercising can often be a misnomer. This grandson definitely has a great sense of humor about the whole thing, even if the video does trend a bit dark at times. That’s just how it goes when you are a part of a family that takes a more realistic point of view.

We can appreciate Alex’s jokes here and we are sure that Grandma has no problem with them either. After all, it is not like anyone can reasonably expect to make it to the age of 106.


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Once you have gotten that far in this thing that we call life, it is hard to be mad about much of anything. Every day that we spend above ground is a good one at that point.