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If you’re walking around Albert Terrace in London’s Primrose Hill area, you may notice a familiar sight – particularly if you’re a big Disney fan. According to Beauchamp Estates, the four-story townhouse that inspired 101 Dalmatians is being put on the market for the first time in more than 37 years.

Albert Terrace, NW1 | POAA charming eight-bedroom family home nestled in the residential neighbourhood of Primrose…

Posted by Beauchamp Estates on Monday, June 29, 2020

The beautiful residence prompted author Dodie Smith to write The Hundred and One Dalmatians, which later became the beloved 1961 animated classic from Disney. It is an expansive 4,876 square feet of space between eight bedrooms and four bathrooms. The realtor has it listed at £8.95 million – converted that is roughly $11 million.

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For the first time in 37 years, this highly prominent home is available for sale. Widely known in the area as the ‘Pink House’, this elegant eight-bedroom house nestled on Albert Terrace, fronts directly onto Primrose Hill and helped inspire Dodie Smith’s ‘101 Dalmations’ that became a famous Disney classic🐶 For more information please contact us or follow the link in our bio (https://bit.ly/BEAlbertTerrace)

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The home was built back in 1847 and was last sold in the 1980s. The exterior of the home is a pale pink, with front gardens quite similar to the illustrations by Janet and Anne Johnston in the 1956 book.

The interior of the home has the ground floor where the drawing-room, cloakroom, and kitchenette are located. As Beauchamp Estates highlighted, these would be Nanny Cook’s area. The first floor features a reception hall that is attached to both a dining room and an open-plan family kitchen – very modern features in such a historic residence.

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The real estate firm then noted that there is a bedroom suite and a study on the second floor, similar to the kind that Pongo’s owner, Roger, would have played piano in. And then the top floor of the home is where there are two more bedrooms plus a rooftop terrace that overlooks the neighborhood.

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If you’re wondering how Smith came to be inspired by the home, literary scholars have pointed out that Smith lived nearby in Dorset Square with nine Dalmatians of her own. They often went for walks around Primrose Hill. However, it was during a friend’s dinner party that a guest mentioned that her dogs’ fur would make for a lovely coat that she got her inspiration for the story.

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The first edition of the book included several drawings of the semi-detached house that included a pillared portico and glass-paneled front door – all very similar to the ones at the home on Albert Terrace. When Disney went to make the animated film, they used the illustrations from the book as inspiration for the film’s concept art.

What do you think of the home going on sale? Would you buy it if you could? Let us know!

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