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When most of us do any type of remodeling around the home, it is an exciting time. We get to take something that we may already appreciate and turn it into exactly what we want it to be.

Perhaps that is how one woman felt when she was remodeling her bathroom. In order to get the bathroom exactly where she wanted it to be, she spent $100,588.

Photo: flickr/Paul Schultz

According to News.Au, after spending so much money on a bathroom renovation, you would expect that everything would go perfectly. In reality, however, she described it as being “one stuff up after another.”

Some of the issues were posted about in the Facebook group Home Decorating Mums and people couldn’t believe it when they saw them. The cabinet was hung too low and the towel rack would get hit by the door when the cabinet was open. There was also a gap between the top of the cabinet in the ceiling.

When she looked into it further, she found out that silicone was used to fix a crack in the cabinet. It seems as if it was fixed on more than one occasion.

Photo: Facebook/Home Decorating Moms

The woman posted on Facebook that she had complained for eight months about the work that was being done. The Daily Mail Australia reported on the subject, saying:

“The builder still argues that the shaving cabinet is high enough but it needs to go more than one inch higher in my opinion as my grandchildren will be able to reach the cabinet. Plus looks silly with low ceilings.”

Photo: Facebook/Home Decorating Moms

Home decorator lovers from far and wide were pulled in to help fix the problem. Many said that the issues were from the poor quality of the work and that nobody should be expected to spend that much money on something they were unhappy with in the long run.

There were some interesting suggestions that came out of this, including inserting the cabinet into the wall. There were also other questions that came up, including why the cord for the heated towel rack was sticking out.

I guess this is why people say: “Let the buyer beware.”