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Pinterest is a magical place. You can find recipes, DIYs, cute outfit inspiration, and so much more. There are some gems out there in Pinterest land, but there are also a few duds. I’m sure we’ve all experienced a Pinterest fail a time or two, and you know what they say – misery loves its company. Take a look at these hilarious Pinterest food fails and have a few laughs!

SpongeBob Square-fail


Yikes. The cookie dough certainly came out runnier and uneven and the frosting… yikes. This one might be part recipe fail and part user error. It looks like they put on the icing before the cookies cooled completely. Then again, if my cookies turned out like that, I might want to cover them in frosting asap as well!

Panda Cupcake Fail


Oh no. Oh no, no, no. This is the stuff of nightmares right here. It looks like the original had white frosting with a dusting of coconut flakes. It’s unclear whether the person replicating this idea put the frosting on and it melted or if they decided to change up the recipe. Lesson learned: follow directions closely the first time you make something new. Then you can experiment!

Rubber Ducky Fail


I take back what I said about the panda cupcake fail being the stuff of nightmares. These ducks are worse. It looks like they are crying brown tears! The duck up front even looks like he’s frowning with his melted beak. Yikes!

Bear Cookie Fail


Oh man, this is such a cute idea! I’m sad the reality didn’t turn out quite like the recipe promised. Typically when cookie dough melts in the oven like the picture above, it’s because there isn’t enough flour. It’s the fats that are melting and causing the issue, so a tablespoon or two more of flour should soak up the fats and hold everything together.

Storm Trooper Fail


Storm Troopers are used to missing their mark, but this is on a whole new level. The issue here is that the original recipe used fondant, which is how they got those nice straight lines. The person making this recipe, however, thought they could get the same effect with black frosting. As you can tell, that’s not exactly the case…

Minion Fail


Oh my. Maybe don’t show this to kids if they love minions. Those eyes! Maybe they were going for a Salvador Dalí minion? If not, then this is very unfortunate. However, they also broke the golden rule we’re learning all about today – stick with the original recipe the first time! This person was very ambitious and tried going for two eyes instead of one. They flew too close to the sun, and it melted their minion.

Penguin Fail


Poor banana penguin! The original idea is super cute, but the end result… not so much. I’m not even sure what exactly went wrong. Maybe in the original recipe, the banana was frozen, which would help the chocolate harden faster. Either way, this is definitely a Pinterest fail.

Rainbow Pancake Fail


As Pocahontas said in the 1995 Disney movie, “Eat with all the colors of the wind.” Or something like that. I must say, the original recipe looks pretty ambitious. Getting some of those colors out of basic food coloring can be very difficult, as this person found out. It looks like they may have had a few issues with getting a consistent size of pancake. On the plus side, they certainly look fluffy! I hope they taste better than they look.

Cupcake Cone Fail


I’ve seen this floating around Pinterest for some time now. I’ll admit, I have it pinned on my dessert board, but I haven’t had the courage to try it out yet. After seeing these results, I’m not so sure I want to attempt it myself! Clearly the cupcake batter rose far too much, but I’m not sure if it was because they overfilled the cones or because the batter itself rose too much. Either way, this is another Pinterest fail for the books!

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